Of Dragons and Vikings

When I decided to watch “How To Train your Dragon”, I took a risk. Why did I do it? Because it followed a very similar storyline to Kung Fu Panda, because the animation was very well developed, and because I´ve always been very curious about vikings. Leaving aside the fact that I have never been a big fan of these “useless reptiles”, I was very intrigued. Oh and the risk was because I usually avoid watching movies that have these two elements as the back bone of the plot.

Meet Burk

Based upon the book of the same name, this story begins in an island, more specifically a very old village with very new houses. The narrator -I´ll reveal his name further on- describes his town has very unusual pets. Nore cats, nore dogs… dragons!

Burke is a place inhabited by robust vikings, dragon-killing machines. They have dedicated their whole lives to learning all about these beastly creatures. Everything there is to know about how to hunt and kill a dragon is written in a book. Of all these huge bullies, Hiccup -the narrator- is the only teenager who sticks out like a soar thumb for being short, small, week and a bit clumsy.

So far it seems like the typical story of the kid noone gives a penny for, until an unexpected turn of events makes him the new hero. Well, yes and NO. Yes, its a story any lonely misunderstood teen could relate to. No, its not your average success story because there are a lot more layers to the main plot than just an (apparently) average “zero to hero” movie.

One of those layers is that the scary archtype of classic dragons that frighten little ones is finally redeemed. Hiccup will discover that everyting his neighbors thoughts they knew bout dragons was wrong.

“How to train your Dragon”, has amazing actions scenes and exciting moments of vertigo that at times make you feel like you´re on a Theme Park Ride. A few fun facts: the most competetive character in the movie -the blonde girl who´s jealous of Hiccup- is played by America Ferrera, best known as the styless secretary in Sony´s “Ugly Betty”.

An excellent plot, along with healthy doses of humour and spicey dialogues, great talent voices (Gerard Butler among them) and a chilling epic score make “How to Train your Dragon” a great choice to watch with family and friends.




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