Eric Liddell’s Legacy

In the 1924 Olympic Games, one man made history. The story of his life, his passion, devotion and commitment with the gospel were portrayed in the Award Winning motion picture “Chariots of Fire”. Eric Lidell was an athlete who ran for God, in his own words, “When I run, I feel his pleasure”. His life is an inspiration for sportsmen and people of all ages, and his legacy continues to motivate believers to stand up for their faith in Christ.

The soundtrack is as majestic as the story of this simple hero. Composed by Vangelis, it is a Declaration of Triumph and victory, the joy only a runner can experience after crossing the Finish Line and wining the greatest race of all: Life itself. Everytime I hear the music of Chariot of Fire I get that image in my head, and a historic in my parents´life: the instant when mom walked down the isle one cold evening in May, with a smile that could light up the whole room. Maybe thats why I admire bothe movie and the music so much. It became the soundtrack of my family´s history.

Download Vangelis’ Award Winning Soundtrack HERE




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