Monsters U and telling the story from the very beginning

When I first heard that Pixar was releasing a prequel rather than a modern story, where Boo would be a lot older and new adventures would await the monstrous dynamic duo, I was rather dissapointed. After all, Pixar is well known for making classics like Toy Story, where continuity is the star. Yet, some how, they managed to come up with something entirely different, new and quite inspiring instead. 

As you may already know, Monsters U takes you way back, back to Mike Wazowski’s childhood, up until his first semester at this university, where monsters get a degree in scare. In the heart of this new release is the moment in Wazowski’s path where he meets Sulley. Add an always flawless score by Randy Newman, and you have a great story.

Plus a few awesome new names come up in this prequel: Hellen Mirren (The Queen, RED) plays the faculty’s headmaster, the main actor from the popular show Castle voices one of the popular monsters, and last but not least, Sean Hayes (from Will and Grace). 

If all these aren’t enough reasons to get back on track with the Monster U alumni, I should mention that, right before the film as it is customary in Pixar animated features, there is a beautiful short film, completely unlike others of its kind.

That said, I saw it, and had a few laughs. If you came this far in the reading, here are a few pictures of how the movie was made. For all you animation nerds out there. 🙂